Customer Web Portal

Web Portal Providing Personalized Webistes for all Customers

Linking Auto Dealers & Customers in Real-Time 


Imagine the difference when a customer visits the website everything they see is presented specifically for them to make their automobile ownership and driving experience to the next level.

The Customer web portal powered by Horizon Solutions serves as a cost effective and effortless communication medium for Automobile Dealers to be in touch with and serve their customers at every stage of the customer life cycle.

The Customer Portal empowers a dealership with the technology platform to provide every customer with their own personal vehicle website providing wealth of dynamic and  personalized information pertaining to their automobile to make their ownership and driving experience nothing but pleasure.

The customer website content is dynamically generated with tracked info based on their driving pattern as to the  required factory suggested maintenance as well as wear & tear (tires/brakes) services, parts, and accessories and relevant incentives.  At the same time corresponding dealer divisions are alerted for timely follow-up